Dark Days (MOD, Unlimited Gold) 2.0.4 for android Latest

Dark Days (MOD, Unlimited Gold) 2.0.4 for android Latest

Dark Days Zombie Survival MOD APK + For Windows Free Download 2022

Dark Days (MOD, Unlimited Gold) 2.0.4 for android Latest

Game Dark Days Zombie Survival Mod Apk
Category Action
Current Version 2.0.4
Mod Features Unlimited Gold, Money, and items

Dark Days Zombie Survival Mod Apk with Unlimited Gold, Money, and items – A game based on the imagination of the near future where almost of humans are turned into zombies and looking for other humans to feed themselves.

Apocalypse made the cities and towns where only walking dead appear the cause of this is considered as the explosion of nuclear bombs by the Military. The areas where the blasts have taken place brutally are considerably the most infected cities and areas around the whole map. Dark Days Zombie Survival Mod Apk The epidemic is not controllable only survivors are left with no hopes left and are seeking shelter and necessary supplies so they can get some hope to live their lives. It’s so thrilling action-adventure first-person shooter that has only one aim survival. Gather supplies, weapons, resources, and many more items to eliminate the bloodthirsty zombies and master the art of a zombie assassin.

Dark Days: Zombie Survival Mod Apk has a fairly varied aspect system. It’s probably one of the more interesting aspects of the game that makes it different. So your zombie can be your greatest ally in Dark Days: Zombie Survival too, so treat it with respect. Use them well and try to save your ammo. You won’t have to use your best robot all the time, so you won’t have to stress out the bullets as much.

You can make a lot of new friends in Dark Days: Zombie Survival. You can even write questions for other survivors to ask and then answer them. But the question you have to ask yourself is how far are you willing to go to make your mark on this post-apocalyptic world. If you’re going to be the last man standing, then you better have the weapons, Well Dark Days: Zombie Survival takes this a step further than most zombie games. While you still collect resources and earn money, the landscape gets much more dangerous. You’ll have to gather resources such as wood and water to survive.

Dark Days: Zombie Survival Mod Apk

As you fight through the wilderness and battle the Infected, you’ll also gain experience points. These XP points can be used to buy upgrades for your character. You can also learn how to craft weapons and armor to help you fight off the threats you face. After all, the goal is to stay alive long enough to craft weapons and armor to fight off the post-apocalyptic world’s threats, and to craft resources to help you survive longer in the post-apocalyptic world.

There are many survival games out there that let you craft weapons and armor to fight off zombies. But, none of these crafted items carry anywhere near the power they have in Dark Days: Zombie Survival. I’m talking about energy or at least the kind you can gather from plants and other things in the game. And while you’re at it, you could use these energy packs to help you fight faster. You can even throw these energy packs at infected humans or animals, which will cause them to become weak and possibly allow you to move on top of them without getting trapped.

This is a great point because one of the worst things you could do when you’re stuck in a building is to try to fight off an Infected. An Infected is a tough opponent, especially if you’re in the dark. They’re also very fast, which makes it easier for you to beat them. However, if you come up against an Infected that isn’t moving fast, they might just leap on you and bite you.

What is Dark Days: Zombie Survival Mod Apk

In Dark Days: Zombie Survival, you are not limited by your energy meter. If you get too low on energy, you don’t get to pick up weapons, you don’t get to scavenge for food and you have to wait until you recharge your energy pack. With this resource, though, you could find things that are scrounging for nutrients in the dirt like plants, dead bodies, and logs. You could also use these resources to create energy packs, which replenish your energy bar in the same way that crafting does.

Dark Days (MOD, Unlimited Gold) 2.0.4 for android Latest

Dark Days: Zombie Survival is a first-person survival horror game based around a zombie outbreak in which you are the only living human being. While you could use a shotgun or even a crossbow to take down zombies one-on-one, you’ll be better off using guns and shooting out their brains with them as well as throwing rocks at their feet.


  • Construct and improve your shelter
  • Collect assets
  • Craft weapons and tools
  • Unique graphics type
  • Huge world
  • Intuitive controls
  • The subtle merchandise creation system
  • Distinctive rewards for beating bunkers
  • Tons of weapons and tools.

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Main Key Features:

The features of Dark Days: Zombie Massacre is very fun to explore. Although the game is not as challenging as other similar titles, it does have its moments of brilliance, and several hidden things that can make playing the game more interesting. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the hidden items I discovered. For instance, I found out that you can turn into a werewolf, which is useful when the zombies get a hold of you and attack you.

Dark Days (MOD, Unlimited Gold) 2.0.4 for android Latest

Other features of Dark Days: Zombie Survival includes weapons, which include bows, crossbows, knives, baseball bats, razors, chainsaws, and even a large selection of explosives and smoke grenades. These items can be used to kill the zombies, although I did not try to use them at any time. Some of these items can also be used to simply scare the zombies away from your home.

Build and upgrade your shelter

Zombie survival is played in the first-person view, and there is also a third-person mode included. While playing in the first person, you are given the ability to look around the environment and examine items using the keyboard. Items that are in boxes are highlighted for your eye.

Dark Days (MOD, Unlimited Gold) 2.0.4 for android Latest

Dark Days: Zombie Survival is very fun to play. There is a limited number of levels, and each level gets progressively more difficult as you go further into the game. The difficulty can be adjusted easily by choosing options in-game. As the game progresses, there are many other options available to increase the difficulty as well.

Gather resources

Dark Days: Zombie Survival also includes a co-op mode. One player is designated as the “leader” and they are given the task of protecting the rest of the players from the zombies. You will have to use various tools to accomplish this, and if you are playing with many people, this can prove to be quite a challenge. This feature is well-done in that it provides a real sense of urgency. zombies will keep coming until someone has finished off all of them. When you are the last person standing, you get to start the game over again.

There are many different ways that you can play Dark Days: Zombie Survival. You can try the single-player campaign, which is quite similar to Left 4 Dead, but this time with a few added features. The co-op campaign mode is similar, except you are working with a group instead of just one person. There is also a multiplayer mode in this game, which supports up to four players. These features all work well together to provide a thrilling experience.

Dark Days (MOD, Unlimited Gold) 2.0.4 for android Latest

Craft weapons and equipment

Dark Days: Zombie Survival is developed by Popcap Games and published by Popcap Games Limited. The game received good reviews from both critics and gamers, and many believed that it was a game that had some really interesting features. Some people felt that it was quite different from other zombie survival games on the market. This is probably due in part to the fact that it wasn’t a traditional survival game.

Regardless of whether or not you think that you will enjoy playing the game, you will want to make sure that you have it on your computer. Even if you have never played a zombie game before, you may find that this one is easier to pick up than other titles. It’s a faster pace, and it gets you excitingly thinking about things. If you like zombie games, you will love playing this one. It’s free on the Internet so you don’t have to pay for it. Just use your mouse or keyboard to play!

Dark Days (MOD, Unlimited Gold) 2.0.4 for android Latest

Short Key Features 

When you are scavenging for food, though, make sure that you collect as many edible items as possible. These can include bread, cookies, pretzels, steak, cheese, vinegar, and other food items. Dark Days: Zombie Survival also has plenty of hidden objects and recipes to help you along, and it has some pretty impressive graphics and sound work as well.

    • Four different modes of play for a full Zombie experience
    • You’re not just surviving against zombies, but also other players who are only looking to kill you.
  • The mod allows the player to find weapons, craft items, and fight zombies in this side mission
  • You have to think about how you move each day. You can only carry so much at one time and the zombies are strong.

Advance Key Features:

Build and upgrade shelter: Collect all the necessary equipment and materials to build a shelter to store your weapons, resources, and a place where you can stay safe from the military of zombies.

Collect Resources: There are different places on the entire map where you can collect some resources and supplies. Dark Days Zombie Survival Mod Apk The resources could be found in different types such as food, medicine, armor, ammunition, and dropped weapons.

Weapons and upgrades: There are different types of rifles, pistols, and grenades in this game that makes gameplay more exciting. You can have two rifles and one pistol at a time, the rifle has an ammo capacity of 50 bullets, and the pistol with 15 bullets. These are default functions and settings for weapons but you can also upgrade these weapons and make them overpowered to fight an army of zombies.

Upgrading weapons will increase ammo capacity, bullet penetration, scope range, etc.

Graphics and gameplay: The game has the best level of graphics and gameplay. The graphic settings range from low to ultra-high depending on the user’s devices. The gameplay is very similar just combined with different types of game missions and weapons upgrades.



  • Scroll down to the free download part and choose a download link; recommended are Zippyshare and Mega.
  • Open the link and begin downloading from the cloud to your device
  • Once the download is completed, open the File-manager and follow the installation steps below.


  • Open Dark Days Zombie Survival Mod Apk for installation
  • Install Dark Days Mod Apk
  • Enjoy this mod.

How to Download or install it?

  • Download “Dark Days MOD APK”. 
  • Install Download Apk without using the internet/wifi.
  • Open the Installer, and complete your process.
  • Let it Install Completely In Your Android Device
  • Open the MOD APK App and Enjoy Free Unlimited Resources.


Dark Days: Zombie Survival Mod Apk In Conclusion Dark Days: Zombie Massacre is a zombie-themed video game from developer Panic Studios. In the game, you take control of a character and shoot down zombies using guns, bows, and arrows as well as other weapons.

The story behind the game is about an escaped scientist who has ventured back into the city after receiving information that the zombies are now loose once again and are searching for food. The infected are more than a little dangerous, so you must have all the equipment you need including a powerful weapon. The controls are simple, although there are a few functions that are not as obvious as you would want.

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Download Dark Days Mod Apk
Dark Days (MOD, Unlimited Gold) 2.0.4 for android Latest

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