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Psiphon Pro MOD APK Is one of the best VPN services for Android devices, it’s fast, secure, and cheap. Psiphon Pro Has all the necessary features that you expect from a VPN service, it also offers other locations as well. Psiphon VPN helps you protect your privacy and secure you from various attacks, also when connecting to public wifi it helps you keep your browsing data private. let’s check each feature of the Psiphon one by one below.

The entire upcoming technologies are supposed to be wholly based on Artificial Intelligence, and consequently, we need to be happy as well as a little scared simultaneously.

We can be pleased as the automation would occur, and most of our workforce will get modified with a single click on our Android Smartphone or Laptop. But, we need to be scared, as after having AI on the streak, it’d be harder to secure data. But don’t worry, we can use the Psiphon Pro MOD for that.

Virtual Private Networks are the daily vital stuff we need to be there on our Android smartphones, as most threats are going online, where the hackers throw some bugs and ransomware to our smartphones and hack all our important data.

Mainly, it all happens these days on online websites, and at that time, VPNs can help you get safer from these bugs damn simplistically.

Moreover, the Psiphon Pro MOD APK is the modified version of a top-ranked VPN Android app that offers you the fastest connection with security and many online connection ports that you can’t get anywhere else.

The modified version offers you free premium access with enormous premium benefits, which implies that you need it gigantically!

What is Psiphon Pro?

We would learn later about the Psiphon Pro app, but first of all, we need to know entirely about VPNs or Virtual Private Networks and why they are essential. Fundamentally, the websites you’re surfing these days contain great content, but among these millions of websites, it’s easily stated that 1% can include ransomware. Now, when you surf a website with ransomware, it somehow gets downloaded to your phone.

VPNs or Virtual Private Networks help you get rid of this ransomware by simply hiding your device location. Suppose malware is tracking your location, in that case, the VPN server shows your location to the country you’ve selected, and soon you get safer like damn. Likewise, today we got the Psiphon Pro android application, which includes the best statistics on the entire Play Store, being in a Utility genre.

You can download its official version from Google Play Store, but mark my words, that official app version won’t deserve your single second, as the Psiphon Pro app contains the premium subscription plan. Now, if you want to enjoy premium servers, enhanced security, and the fastest internet speed simultaneously, you need the modified app version.

What is Psiphon Pro MOD APK?

Psiphon Pro MOD APK is the modified version we discussed in the above section. This altered app includes a good amount of scripts so that you can unlock the premium subscription plan of Psiphon Pro freely within this app. Additionally, it’d be more manageable and the default way to download and install the modified VPN app from the below link.

After a proper discussion of VPN, you need to know that a prime VPN application contains all the critical features to make your connection secure and offer you hundreds of free rare streaming content and the fastest speed. You can’t get all components at once without paying at least $100 annually to the Psiphon Pro official application.

But why pay $100 for an Android app when you can simply get it inside a modified Android app named Psiphon Pro MOD. We’ve developed this masterpiece brilliantly to profer you all these elements without a single duty. Just go through the below section to learn more about this amazingly modified VPN feature and hit the link below to download it!

Key Features

Global Network

Global network featuring thousands of servers and diverse entry points, keeping you connected at all times. There are lots of servers to connect from when using the Psiphon VPN.

No registration

No registration is required, just download and connect for free, or use the pro service by paying little fees.

Various  protocols

A wider selection of protocols than a VPN, offering unparalleled access to everything on the Internet through our global Psiphon server network. Psiphon Pro MOD APK

In-app usage stats

In-app usage stats, check in all your usage, and other important information on the app.

Configuration options

Make Psiphon your VPN with customized proxy settings, it has various options you can set based on your need.

Choose an app to exclude from the VPN tunnel

Psiphon allows users to choose which apps to exclude from the VPN tunnel.

Protect your browsing data

Keep your browser history safe and private from your Internet service provider, and network administrator

Access blocked Sites

Is the site you are trying to access blocked or banned in your country or network? worry no more because you connect using Psiphon VPN to unblock any website. Psiphon Pro MOD APK

With a wide variety of features to offer Psiphon VPN is a great option for most users offering all the essential features as well as more tweaking options to make Psiphon VPN suitable to your needs. It’s also cheap in comparison to many other similar services.

This modified VPN app is a futuristic protocol, and we’ve discussed that all inside the above two sections. We didn’t discuss all the features you’re getting with this modified VPN service. So let’s do that too, going through the below-listed features –

Unlimited Speed

Internet Speed is the only thing that matters when we surf online websites and stream all our favorite OTT content. But harshly, the official Psiphon Pro app delivers you the lowest 2MB/s data cap.

If you want to kick this data cap and enjoy your favorite content at an unlimited speed based on your router connection, you need Psiphon Pro MOD APK. This modified app includes the Psiphon Unlimited plan, including the unlimited speed feature enabled inside!

No Advertisements

We all hate when streaming our favorite binge movie and being interrupted by those Clash of Clans and OctaFX advertisements. If you want to get eternally rid of these online ads, you need the Psiphon MOD.

This modified VPN app will provide you with the fastest data transfer rate and remove all the online ads from your daily streaming and internet surfing. Isn’t that astonishing?

Premium Locations

Do you love online OTT streaming? Yeah, I’m talking about NetflixAmazon PrimeHuluDisney+, and all your favorite streaming platforms. Now, if you’re a binge streamer, you can’t leave a single movie or web series on the internet, right?

If yes, then why are you missing the unique regional content. Click through the below download link and download Psiphon MOD APK to go through 100+ premium location servers and stream their restricted content without being there.

Single Click Connection

Convenience is all that matters at first as well as in the end. You need a convenient interface, and only in that way can you surf the internet with uniqueness and gigantic security.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve introduced simplicity within the modified Psiphon Pro MOD app version. After downloading this VPN app, you’ll become capable of getting connected with the VPN in just a single click, and also, you can disconnect in the same one click!


Psiphon Pro MOD APK 354 (Speed Unlocked) Latest

How To Free Download and Installation Instructions?


  • Scroll down to the free download part and choose a download link, recommended are Zippyshare and Mega.
  • Open the link and begin downloading from the cloud to your device
  • Once, the download is completed open the File-manager and follow the installation steps below.

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  • Open Psiphon pro mod apk for installation
  • Once, installed and open the Psiphon pro mod apk
  • Enjoy this mod. Psiphon Pro MOD APK


Mixing it all up, the Psiphon Pro MOD APK is overall the best VPN service you can get on the internet. It’s reliable from all sides, including the data transfer rate, premium servers, unique streaming, and convenience.

No matter why you want this VPN on your phone, it’d help you with all the most incredible features and offer you terrific security as no one can touch a single bit of your data.

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