YouTube Music Premium APK 18.09 (Premium unlocked) 2023

YouTube Music Premium APK 18.09 (Premium unlocked) 2023

What is YouTube Music Premium APK 2023?

App YouTube Music Premium Mod APK
Category Music & Music Player
Current Version 18.09
Mod Features • Play video clips in the background (even when the smartphone is locked)
• No ads
• The operating mode “Audio only”
• High sound quality


YouTube Music Premium Mod Apk After being in controversies and a false start finally Youtube is serious about music and streaming, Yes this time it is about Youtube music which is a subsidiary of Google.

YouTube Music Premium APK 18.09 (Premium unlocked) 2023

Now, Youtube has been on the grounds of music streaming as a legitimate challenger for Spotify, Apple Music, and tidal. The days of holdings and owning music and songs whether in physical or digital form are over now. There has been a plethora of music streaming platform services.

Youtube Music Mod Apk is something great and impressive viable streaming service which gives access to videos and songs with its premium to be purchased.

Great improvements have been made In Youtube music which is Youtube’s counter to other music streaming services. YouTube Music Premium Mod Apk has overthrown Google play music to provide services all over the sphere (globe).

It looks closer and it is clear that Youtube has been putting its efforts to improve upon Google’s previous attempt at music streaming and as a new foundation and improvement, Youtube music is here to accomplish its inception.

Made by the company itself, YouTube Music naturally owns two of the biggest music markets on its platform: official music videos from top stars, and cover videos from amateur singers. And besides, they also own a music store with no video.

All of these have made up a huge amount of content for YouTube Music Premium Mod Apk with the current number of approximately more than 50 million songs. Of these, up to 20 million songs are from cover artists and freelance artists. This is a huge piece of data that brings billions of views every day, which other music streaming apps cannot have because of subject to copyright laws.

What is The Purpose Of YouTube Music Premium APK 2023?

Next, the exclusive content that was previously only available on the official YouTube Music Premium Mod Apk of famous artists, including concerts, tours around the world, and private performances of indie, and underground artists … is also a treasure that attracts millions of users, and loyal fans of famous singers.

Not stopping there, YouTube has probably heard too many complaints from users around the ad. Sometimes, it appears in the middle of the video at high volume, causing you to startle and lose interest in listening to music. YouTube Music seems to have no advertisements.

If available in the free mode, it is also very elegant, short and at the same volume as the music, you are listening to. If you use the Premium version, you probably never see ads. Great!

Does YouTube Music Premium APK have a user-friendly Interface 2023?

No one does not know YouTube, the video platform is too successful in the market today. Then it’s time to learn about YouTube Music. This is an application for listening to music developed by YouTube Music Premium Mod Apk and can be considered a branch of the YouTube platform, dedicated to listening/watching music online.

This market has been led by major companies like Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Apple Music, Amazone Music HD, and Mora Qualitas. Now, with the power of huge music and video platform, YouTube Music promises to bring a new style of music enjoyment to you and everyone.

Although there are some interface limitations, the displayed image (especially the music cover) is not identical. YouTube Music Premium Mod Apk The feature set is also not rich enough. But in return, with the undisputed advantages above, YouTube Music is a popular online music application and extremely worth using.

YouTube is a famous video streaming platform that is indeed the favorite of people all across the globe. One cannot deny how good YouTube is because of its features and amazing user interface. It is a reason that YouTube became the most loved video streaming platform in a very short amount of time.

But why exactly is YouTube special? Well, you know you can watch millions of videos of different types too for free. Nobody provides such convenience as this and that’s why YouTube is always on the top. There is a new application that is a project of YouTube that has been making stirs all over the social media platforms.

It is a YouTube Music Mod APK that is an application specially designed for music lovers. As we know YouTube is for video streaming, and YouTube music is available for music streaming that is unlimited and free. There are so many other amazing features that too this app has to offer which proves why people are switching to YouTube music over other music streaming apps.

There is a big range of features for this application, let’s have a look at them and see why this app is so amazing.

YouTube Music Premium APK 18.09 (Premium unlocked) 2023

What is YouTube Music APK?

YouTube Music APK is a music streaming application that has been developed by YouTube. This application provides you access to free music that too in MP3 format, so it means if you are willing to listen to the music on headphones with your phone screen locked, you’re most welcome to do it with the help of YouTube music.

This application has two versions; one is a free one while the other one is paid. The free one does allow you to listen to music but only with access of a good internet connection. There are no chances to download those songs in free versions, but the premium one can allow you to. You can get a paid version to download the songs and listen to them offline. You can also access many other features in this version.

What is YouTube Music Mod APK?

The YouTube Music Mod APK is a modified version of the original application and having this one can make your life easy. This application allows you to download and play YouTube music for free without having to pay for the premium version. You can get everything for free in this app plus you can get all the premium features unlocked too.

This application comes with an anti-ban feature so you never have to be worried about getting banned in this game. It also contains zero ads that could destroy your music streaming experience. Hence this app is everything that you need if you are a music lover and want to listen to music and download them for free.

YouTube Music Premium APK 18.09 (Premium unlocked) 2023

 Millions of songs

There are millions of songs in this app that you can get access to. Such a large number of songs is such a huge variety that we are sure you won’t stop listening to your favorite playlists for the entire day. This is such an amazing thing that you can have so many songs altogether for streaming.

No doubt this feature has been really helpful for the users who love music and have a wide range of music as their favorites to listen to every day. Those types of users have found a great solution for their love of music and now they can have millions of songs to stream and enjoy 24/7. \

Live performances

If you are a fan of watching your favorite artists perform live in some sort of concert etc, then YouTube music also offers you a great feature of tuning into the live performances to enjoy them. You can tune into the following channel on this app and watch those performances live for free.

Like songs

You can also like the songs that you love the most. In this way, you will be adding them to your most liked songs playlist and thus you can have all of them in one certain place. You can get them all saved in one playlist and enjoy listening to them.

Skip songs

You can also skip the songs that you do not want to listen to at a particular time. It is very simple to do, you have the options right in front of you and whenever you get to play a song you’re not liking, just press the skip button to move forward and play the next song in the list. It will make things easier for you and you won’t have to search for a new song and play it from the start.

Thousands of Playlists

There are thousands of playlists over there in this application that you can listen to. There is a particular playlist for every mood and occasion, and this is what makes YouTube Music Mod APK one of the best music streaming applications of all time.

These playlists are created by different channels and the artists who post their songs regularly on this application after the release. So many songs in one place can make your music streaming experience brilliant and you can just enjoy listening to them anytime and anywhere without worrying about any facts.

Songs for Every Mood

There is a certain song for every mood in this application. The purpose of launching this app was to provide all of your favorite audio songs in one place which belong to different genres and tastes. They have been providing a unique experience of music streaming to the listeners which is a great thing.

No matter if you like to play some songs at a new year party, wedding reception, during a workout, or whatever the occasion or mood is, there will always be several songs that will suit the moment. All you have to do is find them and play them at your special moment.

YouTube Music Premium APK 18.09 (Premium unlocked) 2023

Various Genres

There are so many genres of music that people love to listen to. Not every person listens to one particular type of song that way they need a variety of songs that belong to different kinds of tastes. There are pop, hip hop, classical, jazz, rock, instrumental, etc . genres that you can choose to listen to the songs.

Viral Songs Playlist

There is a special playlist dedicated to those types of songs that are extremely viral of all time. These viral songs could be of a particular year or all times that you can find and listen to. It happens that sometimes you love a song on TikTok and want to get it but you don’t remember the lyrics. For this purpose, YouTube music can help you get to that song.

Top Chart Music

Whichever songs or playlists are topping the music charts will be available on this application. You can have a look at those top songs that are being played the most in the entire world and listen to them immediately. You can have that music right in front of you and play it for free.

Preferences Suggestions

According to your taste in music and the basis of music you usually play a lot on this app, YouTube music will provide you with suggestions of music that you might like. This application tracks your listening activities and comes up with some new songs that are related to those you listen to regularly.

In this way, you can regularly get new songs and play them, or add them to your certain playlists. YouTube Music keeps suggesting songs like this so you never have to search for new ones and get bored with the current list of songs you have.

User History

There is a feature of user history that keeps your listening history collected. You can open that history at any time and check what songs you have played. It is such a good feature that helps save up those songs which you streamed once but forgot their names. You can save those songs right after that in your playlists.

Favorite Artist List

There is another feature of the favorite artist list that keeps all the songs of your favorite artist in one place. It is such a good feature of this app that you can keep your favorite artist’s music in one place.

Smart Search Feature

This app has a smart search feature too in this app that allows users to search for any new song very easily. You can type the names of the songs or even artists in the search bar and then you can play them easily.

Remixes and Covers

Many songs have amazing remixes and covers that people want to save on their phones and listen to them. Many music streaming applications may not provide this4 remixes and covers but YouTube Music APK provides this option to its users. In this way, you can listen to all of those variations very easily.

Best Streaming Quality

The streaming quality of the songs is also very good in this application. You can play the songs of your choice in the best sound quality that you have never expected before. This quality of the song is amazing and people love it.

Best User Interface

This application offers the best user experience that is highly improved and user satisfactory. It contains all the options in alignment so that no one has to face any problems in searching for and playing their best songs.

No Security Threats

There are no security threats associated with this app. Using it will never be like having a fear of viruses, worms, malware, and other types of security threats. You can have the complete surety that your data and information will be safe after downloading this application. No harm will be done to wbg of these things in your device by this app

Share Songs Directly

You can also share the songs, playlists, albums, and artists’ profiles directly to your contacts via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or any other platform you like. You can also share the songs with your contacts directly through the messaging app by sharing the link.

Create Artist Profile

The artist profile creation feature is so good in this application. If you are a singer, or musician and willing to show the world your talent, then YouTube music offers you an opportunity to create your artist profile and start uploading your songs on the platform. It is such an easier and simpler thing to do that and in this way, you can become a professional music artist by uploading your work ok

Download Songs

You can download the songs of your choice with this application. Many people want to listen to the songs offline but they couldn’t do so because of the in-app purchase requirements. There are no in-app purchases or subscriptions required with YouTube Music Mod APK because you can download the songs for free.

You can download an unlimited number of songs with this feature and you never have to worry about storage at all. You just need to download this app and start downloading the songs of your choice without any worries.


This application is free to download. It is such a relief that such a premium app doesn’t require any sort of charge from its users. Music lovers who want to listen to music 24/7 without any worries can easily rely on this app. It will provide them with the best experience of music streaming, as well as the convenience they want.

24/7 Music Streaming

You can stream your favorite music 24/7 now with this application. There is no limit to listening to music when it comes to YouTube Music Mod APK. You have the whole day and whole night to play the music for free and nobody will ask you for the charges. This is such a good thing offered by YouTube music which is why people are loving this app.

YouTube Music Premium APK 18.09 (Premium unlocked) 2023

No Ads

There are no ads in this application which comes as a big surprise to the users. They listen to music on different and random music streaming apps but they have to encounter many annoying ads in between the streaming process. It is such a mood of tubing that users hate it so much. On top of everything, they are asked to buy a subscription to get rid of those ads which are not possible for every user.

That’s why YouTube Music provides a new type of convenience to its users where you can avoid all the silly ads and enjoy your music without any interruption. You never have to worry about those ads anymore because you will never get to see them disturbing your music streaming experience.
Anti-ban Feature

There is an anti-ban feature in this app that you will love so much. Many mod applications get banned when you try to use them for a day or so. It is a problem that such types of apps get immediately banned that’s why users are scared of downloading and using them.

But with the help of this anti-ban feature in YouTube Music Mod APK, you can expect to listen to the music and use this app for your entire life without worrying about getting banned even once.


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What are the Key Features of YouTube Music Premium APK 2023?

Smart search and suggestion

Taking advantage of YouTube’s billions of users, along with a smart AI platform, YouTube Music will automatically store all your scattered searches. And from there, make recommendations according to the “taste” of the user, including the latest videos/songs of your favorite artist in the “Live Performance” section are very popular with users.

Another interesting thing for global music enthusiasts is on YouTube Music, you won’t find any irrelevant information like games, news, TV shows, or sports … It’s just music and music.

Listen to music offline, no problem

Usually, a massive online music player always has problems with the amount of memory on the phone. Some require an extremely stable internet connection to work. To minimize all that annoyance, YouTube Music supports Save songs for offline listening via free (with ads) and paid (no ads) modes.

The range of use is wide

Now, almost everywhere can use this YouTube Music app. However, the account login is a bit annoying when you have to fake IDs in some countries such as the US, Australia, and Canada to use it. But this still hasn’t stopped music lovers.

And there are some other cool little things

For example, the “Song stations” feature will recommend a video with a theme similar to the item you are watching to continue playing. You can also choose “relevance” to let the app narrow the search for you.

YouTube Music Premium Mod Supports

  • Ad-Free
  • Downloads
  • Background Player Unlocked
  • Login Works using MicroG


YouTube Music Premium APK 18.09 (Premium unlocked) 2023

How to Install YouTube Music Mod APK?

YouTube music has been around for a long time. However, the app recently came out with a new “generate pic collage” section. This feature allows you to create unlimited ringtones with your photos or videos. The app also allows you to customize the color and effect of the animation.

Not many people know this, but Youtube Music Mod Apk has a generous free tier that offers unlimited YouTube music with no ad blocking. If you want genuinely great youtube music and video quality, this app is worth checking out.

This time, I was looking for entertainment online, and I am grateful I discovered YouTube Music Mod Apk. The app has a broader range of genres than other music streaming services, which are the songs released simultaneously.

1. You can easily download the YouTube Music app by clicking on the link below.


YouTube Music Premium APK 18.09 (Premium unlocked) 2023

2. After downloading, you can install this application on your Android phone.


YouTube Music Premium APK 18.09 (Premium unlocked) 2023

3. After installing, you can easily open this app, listen to music online, and download it.

YouTube Music Premium APK 18.09 (Premium unlocked) 2023

YouTube Music Premium APK 18.09 (Premium unlocked) 2023



I hope you like the information in this post; what is the YouTube Music app? And this application must have been helpful to you. If you have to download YouTube Music or ask us for any other related information, you can ask us by commenting below. We will try our best to help you.

How to Download or install it?

  • Download both files from the download section below
  • First Install YouTube Music Premium Mod
  • Once, YouTube is installed install MicroG Apk
  • Now Open the Installed YT Music Mod and log in with your Google account.

Free Downloads

Download YouTube Music Premium Mod Apk with MicroG and start listening to your favorite music without any interruptions. All features are unlocked.

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YouTube Music Premium Mod Apk


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